Charlize Theron covers American Vogue in Dior

So we know everyone is talking about Cameron Diaz’s Body Book at the moment but when it comes to mega stars and super bodies, the only book we’re going to be buying is the one that Charlize Theron eventually writes. Or at least we’re hoping she writes one as this woman has THE best body in Hollywood and American Vogue borrowed it to sell their June issue for 2014. Can’t say we blame them. 

Theron is hauntingly beautiful for the Vogue cover, wearing a Dior dress and posing for photographer Mario Testino. Naturally, the fun with Charlize doesn’t start and stop with the cover image. In fact, it’s what is revealed within that makes us fall head over heels with the actress all over again. 

In Charlize Theron’s interview for Vogue, the reporter swoons as he writes about the on-screen goddess. Charlize touches on everything from her beliefs in marriage (or lack of a belief in the institution) to her current relationship with Sean Penn. It’s definitely worth a read. And if that doesn’t get you clicking over, maybe these stunning additional shots of Charlize Theron for American Vogue will…. {Vogue}


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