Blake Lively cuts her own hair (and has the easiest style tip ever for natural waves)

Vogue Magazine caught up with Blake Lively after the MET gala earlier this week to talk all things fragrance and beauty. While naturally all of us were sick to read she barely uses anything at all for beauty products and still looks like an absolutely goddess, it was the section all about hair that had us reaching for the laptop immediately to share. Seems Blake Lively has THE most low maintenance hair routine this side of Hollywood.

First, it must be said that Blake Lively was asked about her hair style and admitted it is coloured by a professional. But when it comes to the cut, Lively tries her own hand at making a style work. Only she’s not always right on target. She wanted to make sure readers knew the whole truth and shared, “Make sure to include the part about how the last time I cut my hair, one side was three inches shorter than the other.” Bless! That must have been grounds for some emergency hair work.

Now, onto to the killer tip we mentioned. Blake has always been known for sporting the perfect beach waves. Many believed it had everything to do with sitting in a stylist’s chair for hours as they created the perfect tousled do. However, it turns out there’s not even a hair dryer involved in creating those lovely locks. Blake Lively shares:

I wait until it’s almost dry, like three perfect damp, then I put it in a tight ballerina bun. If you have any natural wave in your hair, especially if you also use a little bit of hairspray or mouse, it’ll keep a nice deep wave. Sometimes you get a weird kink but generally it gives a bouncier look.

As I finish writing, I’m waiting for the hair to dry a little more so I can try this trick for the day ahead. Who knew Blake was such a natural chick? {Vogue Magazine}


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