Angelina Jolie wears the world’s most appropriate dress for her Maleficent Premiere

Last night the world met Maleficent. Only this Maleficent isn’t your average Disney character, oh no. This Maleficent is played by a woman who is often marked high on the list of World’s Most Beautiful People. Yes, we’re referring to one Angelina Jolie and last night she took to the blue carpet to celebrate her debut as one of the world’s most renowned villains. 

Now, what Jolie chose to wear to the premiere of Maleficent will have some scratching their heads and making comparisons to rubbish bins. This does, after one quick glance, closely resemble garbage bag material. But, take a second look. 

First of all, this is Versace. We all know Jolie’s illustrious history with the brand. Need I remind you of Angelina’s leg for the Academy Awards? This time around there were no legs in sight and the strapless black gown gathered around Jolie’s bust and waist and streamed out onto the floor like a black river. This, folks, is the perfect attire for a villain who supposedly has a heart as black as coal, and Angelina has taken that into account, obviously, while dressing for the occasion.

Or it could just be that Jolie wanted to wear Versace and this rubberized silk gown was all they had hanging on the racks for her at the time. We can’t be clear which way that whole process went but we’d like to think it was a carefully crafted ensemble to suit the occasion. And that, dear readers, is why we’re calling it the world’s most appropriate dress


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