Andre Leon Talley shares his Kimye Wedding wardrobe details (and some details about the wedding itself)

Tomorrow the world will be on social waiting to see the Kimye Wedding shares. Yes, Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are getting hitched, finally. Rumours are flying everywhere that the rehearsal dinner is in Paris tonight with the wedding taking place in Italy tomorrow. While nothing has been confirmed, we do have one little detail to share that we know to be fact. Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley is attending the Kim & Kanye wedding.

Ok, that might not be groundbreaking news, but it is fashion news. Talley is a legend in the fashion world. Need I remind you of his role in The September Issue? What other man can pull off carrying Louis Vuitton luggage onto a tennis court as gym gear?

Well, Andre Leon Talley has actually written a special piece for Vogue’s online diary detailing his attire for the wedding. After instagramming a picture of his first round of suitcases for the Kim and Kanye nuptials, Andre explained to Vogue that it’s all about options while attending such events. 

So what are Andre’s options? Well, they include a lot of capes and kaftans, although these aren’t your average items. These capes and kaftans come from the houses of Valentino, Chanel and Balenciaga. There are also shirts and suits from Ralph Lauren, shoes from Manolo Blahnik and lots of Louis Vuitton luggage. 

Oh, and it should be noted that Andre Leon Talley has given away one little tidbit you might not already know. Turns out this little wedding of Kim and Kanye’s will run over the course of three days. Holy Moly. 

{Vogue: Andre Leon Talley Packs}


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