Who would have ever thought I’d fall in love with acorns?

In full disclosure here, I have about 10 meetings a day that end up equaling a consumption of about 6 diet cokes and four coffees in a 12 hour period. I can already predict I’ll be getting some emails from doctors in the morning telling me I need to cut down on my caffeine intake. I’ll say in advance, you’re not telling me anything I don’t hear already all over town. But to keep this bad ole blog running, I need to fuel the tank with something deadly, daily. Anywho, I’m getting off track. Two weeks ago I was half way through my day and taking a lunch break with two PRs who were excited to show me some new products. I was on diet coke number four and coffee number two. For the first time during the day I think I was actually more excited than they were, and it wasn’t down to the caffeine. 

Out onto the table came a collection of beautiful acorns from Buckley London. I can’t tell you exactly why I was so excited about seeing these at the time. I have always liked the role of nature in fashion, there’s no denying that. But, I kid you not when I say that I quite literally grabbed the necklace from the PR’s hands to have a closer look.  Before she was able to go into details about the collection I was asking her if I could borrow the piece to shoot to share with you guys. 

Now here’s when things get a bit crazy. I knew this wasn’t a super expensive piece but I also would never have guessed that it would come in at £35. I was thinking maybe somewhere around £235 or £300. And at that moment, I would have parted with the cash to keep it. Seriously though, it’s £35. I’m not sure if this is right up your alley or not, but I’m simply in love. It’s such an elegant and delicate piece that hangs at a perfect length, just below the chest bone, and adds a lovely level of sophistication to any ensemble. Buckley London also carry a matching piece in bracelet form. So naturally, I’ve been wearing them like a mad woman and planning them as stocking stuffers for all the lovely ladies in my life this Christmas. Oh sh*t, that just gave away the game. I mean, I’m keeping them in mind for some special people somewhere in the future….

{Buckley London Acorn Collection from £18}


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