What I’m Wearing: Hailing a taxi like a goof-ball

No, this is not an April Fools Joke. I’m actually taking a chance here on style blogging. Thought it was just about time to start putting myself out there a bit and seeing what you guys think. So… what do you think? There’s a lovely little comments section down below which allows you to share your thoughts. So please do let me know if this little shot in the dark is something you’d like to see more regularly. Traditionally, FFG is a fashion news site, but I’m loving the idea of sharing more of myself with you guys. It’s about time, right? Only five years in…

We’re kicking off with an outfit featuring a few of my favourite pieces. We’ll start from the bottom and work our way up, eh? At the moment I’m obsessed with leopard print everything. But a flare here and there is a favourite. Those leopard lovelies there are from Monsoon and were an absolute steal. 

Working our way up, we have the jeans I can’t stop wearing at the moment. They’re from Gap and highly affordable. I have three pairs. Yes, I am that obsessed. These are the Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans and I kid you not, you will wear them to death. 

Then we have a beautiful Coach Classic Trench tied with a Ralph Lauren Equestrian Belt. Love this combo. Two American classics working together in harmony, is how I like to think of it. 

For accessories, I threw on some furry Hockley balls onto a simple MCM clutch. Then there are the obligatory Rayban aviators to finish it all off. 

So we’re all done. First one done and dusted…. what do you think? I’ll leave you with my very own confused face… to continue or not… you decide!


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