This is not your typical makeup ad

It seems the more women I meet around the world, the more I find everyone has their own “makeup” story. Whether people use makeup as a way to enhance, hide or draw attention to themselves, I find it is always a story of transformation. For many, however, the story is often more complex and profound. The story for them is one that is not told in the beauty ads in glossy magazines. Their story cannot exist in a one dimensional advertisement. It can, however, be told through video, but only by those brave enough to share. 

Dermablend is trying on a new beauty ad for size and their working with these women who want to share their stories and tell an original tale when it comes to beauty and makeup. In a series called Camo Confessions, we see two women open up about the role of makeup in their lives. While this is a beauty campaign, it is also a campaign challenging our perception of beauty, and trust me you will find yourself tearing up at points. As far as the brand is concerned, we salute them for opening up a new dialogue about makeup. Watch, learn, appreciate…

{Via Jezebel}


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