Styling readers with Lauren Ralph Lauren in London

A few weekends ago I had the great honour of participating in a very special event at the House of Fraser on Oxford Street in London. For a month prior, House of Fraser and Lauren Ralph Lauren had been running a competition to win a styling session with me in store. Alongside House of Fraser’s competition, Grazia and I also offered an opportunity for one reader each to come in for a chance to play “dress-up” with the collection. 

I was given no access to the ladies before the moment I met them in the department. This was, in itself, a completely new experience and one that was very exciting indeed. All I knew was that the women were fans of the brand and were all first timers when it came to the idea of a stylist. The fun that was had on the day cannot possibly be expressed on the page. From introducing women to the concept of colour to breaking down safe styles, this was a day of roller coaster emotions. 

What I found particularly interesting were the varying lifestyles of the women that came in for styling. They were from every walk of life and all seemed to love the Lauren brand for different reasons. The only common denominator was their appreciation for the season’s styles and it’s potential existence in their day to day lives. We outfitted for weddings, honeymoons, day jobs, yacht parties and more. We spent time talking about the wardrobe essentials available in the collection and the bright and beautiful pieces that would stand the test of time. 

Having an opportunity to work with a brand that I have loved for years and to be able to share that love with the customers that came in on the day made this a magical experience and one that I learned a great deal from. It’s one thing to see a brand’s campaigns on big billboards with models wearing layer upon layer of the collection. It’s another thing entirely to see the brand come to life on real women who are out there beating the pavement every day. For the first time, I was truly able to see how the Lauren Ralph Lauren collection works in every closet for every woman. With that, I’ll just encourage you to take a look at the collection for spring summer 2014. It’s filled with basics, fantastic statement pieces and more colour than I’ve ever seen before in their warm weather ensembles. 

{Shop Lauren by Ralph Lauren at House of Fraser}

Thank you to all the beautiful women that I met on the day. Oh, and thank you for agreeing to let me share your beautiful faces on the blog… check em out….


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