Pharrell Williams just got a new hat and the blingest shoes we’ve ever seen

So you know that Vivienne Westwood hat that Pharrell is wearing around town everywhere? You know the one we’re talking about. It’s been featured on red carpets, magazine covers and even had one sold on eBay for charity. The Westwood hat is a trend all in itself, and truly it’s one that only works for Pharrell Williams. 

Well, Pharrell took his big ole hat and stepped onto the Ellen Degeneres show for some catching up. Before Ellen got anywhere near mentioning his statement accessory, there was another fashion item on Pharrell that was stealing all the attention. Pharrell was wearing some blinding blingers also known as Swarovski covered sneakers. Naturally they were made specially for Pharrell. Some people have all the luck. We’re guessing Ellen will find a pair in the mail soon however (you’ll see what we’re talking about after watching below).

Now, after the shoes were covered, the topic of the hat finally came up. Ok, not right after. Pharrell actually went on and on about his love of woman. In fact, he went all out there for women. He might just be the biggest male feminist out there at the moment. Pharrell for equality! So, about that hat…

Ellen gifts Pharrell a brand new hat and, finally, we’ll address the awkward picture above. Yes, that was poor placement of Pharrell’s big hat. But we’re not saying anything that Ellen and Pharrell don’t say themselves…


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