Luke Bryan dressed up as Tom Ford as a kid?

So Luke Bryan went on The Ellen Show yesterday. The gorgeous country music singer shared all sorts of interesting tidbits with Ellen Degeneres. He talked tight jeans, Ellen underwear (yes, he wears it), and touched on who he dressed up as a kid. 

A picture is thrown up on screen and Ellen asked Bryan why he was dressed in a little white costume with a straw hat. Luke Bryan answers, “I was Tom Ford. I was doing a biography….” Then Bryan realizes his mistake. He doesn’t mean Tom Ford. He’s getting his designers confused. Naturally he means Henry Ford, the car maker. Well, we see how the two are easily confused. One dresses the red carpet’s finest and the other, well, the other pretty much changed the world with his contribution. Thinking about it, the two men are truly revolution in their own time. Only problem is, we can’t imagine Tom Ford would ever step out in an outfit that makes him look like an ice cream man. 

Just a little bit of fashion comedy here for you this morning, folks. Luke Bryan… we’re big fans. 


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