Lorde covers Fashion magazine in Dolce & Gabbana

Wasn’t there a conversation just happening about Lorde and Photoshopping? Last week’s hot topic was all about Lorde. She spoke against Photoshopping, while also telling the world she’s not perfect and does in fact have bad skin days that are erased by computers for promotional reasons. The world stood up and saluted Lorde for her push back against this false perfection that is created on glossy pages.

Now, just days later, we have an image of Lorde looking absolutely gorgeous on the cover of Fashion.  Yes, it is Photoshopped. In all honesty, we’re scratching our heads. What to say. Well, we’ve started with the fact that Lorde looks stunning in her Dolce & Gabbana ensemble. From there, we suppose the only thing to say is that unfortunately we live in a world where Photoshop exists and there’s no getting away from it when it comes to fashion magazines. 

So Lorde, we’re raising a glass to you and your ability to confidently speak up against the establishment and we’re also raising our glass to your continued success, with and without Photoshop.


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