Last day to get 40% off at Gap (and a quick nod to love for Gap denim)

Wearing Gap Boyfriend Jeans in both shots above.

You guys have heard me talk a lot lately about my Gap jeans. For years I wore Gap jeans as a teenager. I was basically obsessed. They were the cool jeans. Then I fell off the Gap train and fell in love with the designer duds that were making the rounds. I thought that paying over $100 for a pair of jeans instantly made them cool. Then the designer jeans starting reaching new levels of epic costs. Some are now well into the $300 mark. Yikes! While there are a few jeans that do warrant that price, the majority, I feel, are ridiculously priced. 

Last year, I walked into Gap to purchase a boyfriend button down and found a jean wash that I instantly fell in love with. I slipped them on in the fitting room, turned around and found that these were a better fit than anything I had bought in years. I went to the register that day with five pairs of jeans. Today, I have a closet full of Gap denim and I smile from the inside out every time someone asks me where I got “those awesome boyfriend jeans.” 

I’m bringing this up today as Gap is running a special online for 40% off all full priced merchandise (Enter DAYS at checkout). So if you were in the market for some jeans, now would be the time to take a chance and order some up to try in the comfort of your own home. It’s worth a go. And if 40% off isn’t enough for you, they also have a special spring sale with items up to 50% off. Get jean shopping, ladies. 


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