Have you seen the rather interesting Riccardo Tisci x Nike collaboration?

Nike have done some pretty awesome collaborations as of late. In fact, almost every collaboration we’ve written about has sold out. We’re not taking credit for that, we’re just saying they’ve been so good that they’ve instantly sold out… if you follow? 

However, with the launch of the Riccardo Tisci x Nike collaboration, we’re wondering how the general public will react. Looking on Net-a-Porter, we’ve seen that the leather hi-top sneakers have already sold out. At £270 a pop, that’s no light investment for a pair of trainers. Then come the, shall we say, tougher pair of sneakers. This is a pair that has not yet sold out entirely, but is well on its way as we write. We’re speaking of course of the higher hi-top by Riccardo Tisci. We want to know who’s going to wear them and how. I mean someone will naturally try and pull these off at Coachella, right? We’re keeping an eye out.

For the time being, we want to know will you be buying and how would you wear them?


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