Chanel Monster Headphones are coming…

Remember back in March we threw out the question: Is there a Chanel x Beats Headphones collaboration in the works? Well, today we have an answer to said question. It took a few weeks, but the first images of a Chanel headphones set have been making the rounds and it looks as if they are working with Monster on the collaboration. 

A month ago rumors were sparked of a collaboration after pictures of a famous DJ standing beside Karl Lagerfeld appeared on Instagram. They were both pictured wearing Chanel branded headphones  and the digital world went wild. 

We all know Karl Lagerfeld loves his music. Can anyone remember how many iPods the man has? Let’s just say he has a lot. So, in reality, this is one of the most natural collaborations in the world. We’re just wondering why it took so long to come about. 

Currently, there’s no more information on a price point or a release date. As soon as we know, you’ll know. {Citizens of Fashion}


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