An artistic afternoon: Matisse Cut-Outs Afternoon Tea at Le Mèridien Piccadilly

So we’ve shown you our preview of the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition at the Tate Modern. It’s a must-see collection of art that needs to be added to your weekend plans immediately. However, while we’re talking about plans, may we suggest you make a luxurious day out of it by trying the tea that is themed around the exhibition in Le Meridien Piccadilly? Like the segway there? 

Before heading over to the exhibition launch party earlier this week, we stopped by Le Meridien to give the tea a go ourselves. If it’s cool now to arrive at an opening with a food belly, we are cooler than cool. This beautiful Matisse tea was placed before us with a colorful cocktail and full pots of tea to boot. While we should have been ladylike and daintily eaten our cakes and sandwiches, the end result was more carnage than anything else. We plowed through the goodies on display as if our lives depended on it. Truly, each and every morsel was so good we found ourselves wondering how on earth we’d be able to move once we were finished. Someone get me Joey’s Thanksgiving pants from Friends

Taking a note from Matisse’s native France, many items on offer were not your expected tea nibbles, which of course made this all the more special. From the parma ham croissants to the warm and fluffy scones, we ate it all. 

Matisse Afternoon Tea

Available 17th April- 31st May 2014

Terrace & Bar Grill

Le Meridien, Piccadilly

21 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BH


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