A Boomer Fashion Dog Update: And then there were two

A lot of you have been asking recently about little Boomer. It’s
been nearly a year now since we brought him home to stay and it’s been a year
of ups and downs for the whole family. The cute little ball of fluff turned
into a giant teenager, in a nutshell. And this teenager was all about
rebellion. He’s chewed his way through table legs, dug holes in the garden,
eaten all of mom’s plants and had a phase where he was a bit of a rough player
with everyone around him. Poor little guy didn’t realize his own strength or
the enthusiasm of his hellos.

Over the past couple of weeks, however, times have changed and it
has nothing to do with Boomer growing up. Oh, if only that had been the case.
This little guy is now bigger than ever and has, in fact, multiplied. Well,
Boomer himself hasn’t multiplied, but we now have two Golden Retrievers in the
Fashion Foie Gras family. Another Golden puppy needed a home in a nearby town
and as fate would have it, it turned out Boomer needed a friend. Enter Brody.

Brody is a rare breed of Golden hailing from the United Kingdom.
He’s a bit lighter than Boomer but has the same strong personality.In short, he’s a character. Their first night
together, I’ve been told, was like hosting a sleep over. The two stayed up all
night wrestling, only to be found the next morning sound asleep with their
heads upon one another. Seems these two were destined to share a home and a

So I suppose this is the official welcome for Brody to the family.
I’ll have more of an update when I return to the island in August.

Thank you for all your emails, tweets and comments about Boomer over
the past year (nearly).We’ll have more
news on the way as it develops. This may not be fashion news, but it is
certainly a luxury to have such an adorable little chap in our day to day


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