The Sofitel St James Hotel serves up sweet treats and relaxing retreats

I can’t tell you the number of times I have walked through St James’s in London over the past decade. Let’s just say it’s countless and leave it at that. However, how I managed to walk by Sofitel St James and never go in is truly a mystery to me. I can remember walking past and looking in, but when you work in an area it’s funny how buildings are just buildings and all you can think about during the day is getting out of the area. Or that’s how life there was for me, at least. 

So when the invitation came to step back into the old neighborhood and try out the indulgences that exist behind the historic doors of the Sofitel, I jumped at the chance. We were invited to try out the So Spa by Sofitel and afternoon tea- a perfect pairing just ahead of Mother’s Day. 

Tea actually came after our spa visit, but the pictures are so yummy and I’m sitting here with a rumbling stomach so thought this would be a good a place as any to start. From sweet treats to savory delights, this is an afternoon tea that comes with all the fixings. With two of us in attendance, it was difficult to finish even half of the goodies that were offered. 

While the tea was beautifully presented in a hall that was grand, yet peaceful, the real gem of this whole experience took place in a room that was simple, comforting and wonderfully warm. I say wonderfully warm as we had come in out of a bitter cold London day and when you step into a spa where you are given a heated bed to crawl into, nothing can feel more welcoming in this world. It took me all of five minutes to fall asleep once the duvet had been tucked in around me. This in itself is quite odd as I was getting a facial, something you usually stay awake for. Not me, though. I was out like a light from start to finish. 

The end result of my So Spa by Sofitel experience was one that is very memorable. My skin felt renewed and refreshed. This is only my second facial, out of dozens, that did not leave me with red patchy skin for days after. Instead, my skin was dewy and soft and required very little in the way of makeup for the next few days. 

My only regret during the visit was not booking in for a pedicure after seeing this beautiful setup above.

So Spa Sofitel, I’ll be back. Keep the warm bed waiting and the pedicure room at the ready! 

Sofitel St James

6 Waterloo Place


*FFG was a guest of Sofitel St James*


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