The Seth Rogan & James Franco Kimye Vogue cover Spoof is here…

Oh, come on folks, you knew it was only a matter of time before Seth Rogan and James Franco took on the Kim and Kanye Vogue cover. It wasn’t that long ago that we were all watching the Kanye West video spoof from the two comedians. It’s only natural that the two would follow up with a Vogue cover redesign.

While the Kanye West video was certainly made better by the duo’s remake, sadly we can’t say the same for their Vogue cover shoot. Sorry, Seth, that white dress just doesn’t do you justice.

On a serious note, can someone please do a real cover with these boys? Vanity Fair, we’re thinking you should step up to the plate and sponsor a spoof issue. It’s ripe for the taking. 

In case you need a little reminder of why this cover is being spoofed by this duo….


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