Nigella Lawson scores a Vogue cover, looks resplendent in Burberry green

Nigella Lawson has covered Stylist dripping in caramel, she’s covered Vanity Fair with arms wide open to the world and she’s covered Red Magazine numerous times over the years. Hell, she’s even scored a cover of the Daily Mail. Sadly, this wasn’t a cover shouting about Nigella Lawson‘s talents, but rather focusing in on the tough times the seductress chef has had.  

Keeping covers in mind, Nigella Lawson has just scored one of the biggest – British Vogue. Her Vogue cover comes with a whole new look for the curvy food goddess. British Vogue appropriately titled the issue “fresh start” and it seems Nigella is not only wiping the slate clean with her life, but also her image.  

One can’t help but notice a new Nigella for the cover of Vogue. She’s toned down, softer and has a touch of sadness in her eyes. Happily, we’re also seeing hope there. As big fans of Nigella, we’re silently cheering for this comeback. The Domestic Goddess is back, folks. Watch out. We have a feeling she’ll be kicking a** and taking names, all the while serving up delicious pastas and brownies. {British Vogue}


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