Model Kendall Jenner creates today’s best looking grub…

So she’s walked more catwalks than we can keep count of over the course of the autumn winter 2014 season, she’s the star of a hit reality television show and she has an enviably slim figure. This folks is fashion’s new sweetheart Kendall Jenner. It’s funny that her name has come up not once, but over a dozen times in the last week of meetings. PRs and designers alike have nothing but praise for this bright young thing. Despite her sisters antics, Kendall has become a real player in the industry, working to carve a name for herself as a serious model.

Now, keeping all of this in mind, we must say that today Miss Jenner took us all by surprise in posting an Instagram pic that had us rethinking the Pillsbury Cinnamon Roll ready-to-cook tub found in your local supermarkets. Jenner has taken Cinnamon roll dough and frosting and used the ingredients in her waffle maker to make the perfect breakfast for those of us with a sweet tooth.

So not only is Kendall Jenner a runway natural, she’s also to be marked now as a culinary genius. If you’re looking for proper instructions on how to recreate this sweet treat, check out this recipe online


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