Matthew McConaughey’s prom picture – handsome even then!

Alright, alright, alright… let’s all settle down. Yes, that’s one smoking young Matthew McConaughey staring back at you, courtesy of Glamour. Today they shared a throwback in the form of a high school sweetheart who also happens to be a modern day heartthrob. Of course we all knew Matthew McConaughey’s prom picture would be perfection. He was, after all, voted ‘most handsome’ in his Texan high school. 

The question we are more interested in, however, is who’s the girl? Doesn’t take much to figure out this is an 80’s flashback. Check out the perm, ruffle dress and pearls. We do love a throwback. Anyone else wanna share a prom picture? We’ll politely decline to post ours at this time. 


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