Lululemon spray on yoga pants… the latest in fashion comedy

Lululemon is on its way to the UK. In fact, the London store opens next week. So for those of you unfamiliar with the brand as of yet, let this be a comedic intro. Lululemon is the most fashionable brand of yoga wear in the USA at the moment. It’s been around for a few years now and has taken North America by storm. We dare you to walk through Los Angeles or New York without running into at least a dozen girls on one city block wearing the lycra leggings. My first day in LA, nearly eight years ago this month, I was told that Lululemon was THE official uniform of the city then. Now things have only gotten worse. Lululemon has a cult like following.

That all being said, once you get the cult like following you put yourself in for a world of hurt in modern times. Cue Jimmy Kimmel and an opportunity to pull a laugh. Kimmel took to late night television to address the globe’s obsession with Lululemon and mock the brand with the introduction of a new product – “Lululemon Pledge.” 

While it’s a good laugh, we’d also like to point out that leggings can’t get any tighter. So, in fact, Jimmy might not be far off the mark in predicting the future. At Jimmy’s price prediction of $1,200, however, we think we’ll stick with the current $129 tag on the non-spray-on Lululemons. 

We hope Lululemon are laughing with us (all the way to the bank)…


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