Katie Holmes’ fashion label Holmes & Yang shuts

It wasn’t that long ago that we were all preparing for the launch of Katie Holmes‘ and Jeanne Yang ‘s presentation at New York Fashion Week. In fact, it was only two years ago in 2012. You may remember we wrote quite the damning piece as the duo mistakenly, or maybe not mistakenly, commented that they had only invited “real journalists” to the debut. There were no bloggers present at the launch. Ah hem. 

Well, in the end it didn’t end up mattering too much who attended as this morning we have sad news about the brand. After a very short run of five years, Holmes & Yang are handing in their sewing machines and calling it a day. According to People Magazine, the pair had grown apart in recent months and eventually decided to part ways. It’s a tough old world out there in fashion. Breaks the best of duos. {Image: Style.com}


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