It was only matter of time… the Moschino McDonalds Mock Bag

It was only a matter of time, folks, before the Moschino Mcdonalds bag was recreated using the real golden arches. And here we have it. Spotted in Notting Hill in London, Miss Caroline Shapiro was seen sporting her very own golden arches bag. 

For the cost of a super sized fries, Shapiro {jokingly} threw a pair of string around the McDonalds fries container and voila!, she finds herself at the height of fashion with a Mock Moschino McDonalds bag. Now while Shapiro might have been joking about her lovely potato inspired tote, it’s only a matter of time before this trend catches on. Just make sure you guys clean those containers. Nothing worse than grease stains from fried food on nice leather wallets. Horrible to get out.

Thanks, Miss Shapiro, for sharing your fashion antics with us! 


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