Is there a Chanel x Beats headphones collaboration in the works?

Anyone else wondering if there is a Beats by Dre X Chanel collaboration in the works after seeing the above instagram share? 

Beats by Dre. have pretty much cornered the market for fashionable headphones over the past few years. If the company’s bank balance is any reflection of the current marketplace, it seems the world just can’t get enough from this brand.  It was only a few months ago now that we had the release of Alexander Wang for Beats by Dre and ever since their release people have been speculating on who would be next to jump into bed with the brand. One collaboration just isn’t enough these days. You have to be like H&M and pull them one at least once a year. 

Which leads us back to where we started… a potential Beats x Chanel collaboration. Is it or isn’t it happening? The above picture was shared at Paris Fashion Week during the Chanel show at the Grand Palais, and yes that is Karl Lagerfeld wearing Chanel branded headphones. It’s not clear if they are Monster branded or specifically Beats by Dre, but all signs point to a soon to be released product.

Taking bets now on how many people we see wearing these headphones for next season’s fashion week. Talk about street style photographer bait. {Complex}


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