If you read only one thing today: “A Letter to Anna Wintour From Victoria Beckham”

We could not stop laughing reading through this “open letter from Victoria Beckham to Anna Wintour.” Blogger Love & Knuckles decided to pen what she believed to be a letter from Victoria Beckham to Anna Wintour arguing her perspective on how she and David deserved the most recent cover of Vogue over Kim and Kanye.

We won’t ruin the letter for you, as it must be read in its entirety. However, we will just say our favourite segment is as follows:

“And are they really the most talked about couple in the world? David is an international sports star, model and philanthropist. That guy wears hooded sweatshirts and can’t sell out tickets to one of his rapping show. He wears gold teeth. He has poor grammar. I was a Spice Girl!”

Go, read, now…


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