Here it is: Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover and it costars Kanye

Kim Kardashian vogue cover

The cover the world had marked as “never happening” has happened. Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover has arrived. It was rumored for years that Anna Wintour would be rolling over in her grave before Kim Kardashian scored a cover of the sacred fashion bible, yet here is the cover and Anna Wintour still sits pretty as the editor of American Vogue. What happened exactly? Well, a little birdie told us that Kanye had words with the Queen Bee (Wintour) and told her Kim was the most influential woman in fashion today and thus deserved a place on the cover of the world’s top fashion magazine. Hmmmmm. 

Now, let’s take a second and examine the cover itself. Kim Kardashian actually shares the cover with Kanye West. Interesting. While we’d rather eat our own feet than buy a cover of a magazine featuring Kanye West, here it is and that’s what’s happening. The two are seen looking as if they are ready for the big wedding soon to happen. 

So the big question is, will you be buying or unsubscribing?

Oh, and in case you wanted to cringe some more, here’s the video featuring the behind the scenes elements:



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