Dubai Day One: We’ve Arrived!

So it’s day one here in Dubai. As I mentioned, we’re here for the Grazia Style Awards which are taking place on the Palm on Tuesday. We flew out of Heathrow last night at 9:15pm and arrived bright and early in Dubai this morning just before 8am. I don’t know what it is, but sleeping on planes is just not something that fits with me these days. I tossed and turned and eventually gave up. I chucked the duvet, reclined my seat as far as it would go and settled in for a few more hours of movie watching, along with a few more glasses of champagne. So much for the bikini diet, eh?

After arriving in Dubai, we made our way through the pristine airport where we were greeted by a lovely chauffeur who whisked us through the city streets of Dubai and out onto the famous Palm. We took off to the right, a part of the Palm I wasn’t even aware was developed. We sped past Atlantis, past several hotels in construction and arrived at the glamorous Waldorf Astoria Dubai. This hotel has only been open a matter of months. It’s a beautiful white structure that looks as if it doubles as a palace for a member of the royal family, and that’s just the front of the building.

Sadly, we arrived too early and our rooms were not yet ready for check-in (although check out the view above from my room I checked into later). We were taken to a beautiful spot out on Peacock Alley, otherwise known as a patio with a killer view. We laid our heads on the sofas and took in every moment of heat. Yes, it is blazing hot even at 9am. The hotel staff worked tirelessly to find us rooms where we could collapse and eventually we were led to our opulent quarters. More on that later.

After a rather hectic travel period, we’ve finally got our feet planted firmly on the ground here in Dubai. On the agenda for tomorrow? Well other than making sure I’m keeping up with fashion news, you’ll find me enjoying some Vitamin D out on the beach. You can’t come all the way to Dubai and not take advantage of the weather, right? 


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