Cleansing… three days off from the burger brigade with Radiance Cleanse

If you are a regular reader of FFG, you’ll know I’ve sacrificed a slim figure to be able to bring you regular updates on the best places to eat around the world. Ok, who am I kidding here? I’ve never had a Barbie silhouette. However, since starting the blog five years ago I have welcomed new best friends called “love handles,” “saddle bags” and “bingo wings.” Yes, all those burgers are finally taking their toll and I’m starting to feel my age (my 34th birthday is next week). It isn’t as easy to eat anything you want anymore. We all have to work a little harder as we get older and I’m realising that fact more than ever. 

This all, of course, leads me to today’s topic of discussion. I was invited to trial the Radiance three day Signature cleanse over the weekend and I was having a moment where I thought this was a gift sent from up above. I’m six weeks away from a 10 day trip to Barbados and I’m in no shape to even be looking at bikinis. Perhaps this is just what I need to get things started on the road to fitness recovery. So I agreed to take part in this little experiment. 

I did my reading before I started the Radiance cleanse. I read articles from women claiming that cleanses had saved their lives. I read about the transformative powers of juicing. I even read about how a cleanse every month can not only save your skin but also prevent all sorts of nasty diseases and decrease susceptibility to illness. Basically, I was convinced that juicing was the answer to all my prayers. So I was good to go and ready to transform.

So, the night before my Radiance cleanse begins, I receive a package in the mail. Inside the package there are 18 juices that have been kept cool by ice packs. They come in a chic cooler within a nondescript brown box.

I unpack all of the juices into the refrigerator, as I am instructed to do, and I examine each one closely, taking in what exactly I’ll be consuming for three days solid. Each juice from the cleanse looks delicious. I’m foreseeing a clear sail through this whole experience.

Let’s fast forward to the end of day one. Or maybe we’ll ease our way through day one. My first juice, the ginger lemonade, is one that I recognise from many articles I have read before about cleanses. This happens to be one of Beyonce’s favourites. It is a drink that mixes lemons, maple syrup, pepper, cinnamon and various other bits and bobs. It’s hot… I mean it makes your mouth come alive. It’s an eye opener and it quickly becomes the fasted thing in the world to wake me up after coffee. Only on this juice cleanse there is no coffee, so this is officially my wake up call. 

The rest of the day’s juices are a mix of fruits and vegetables, minus the cashew milk concoction that’s thrown in for a slice of protein in the day. Each and every mixture is delicious, yet I still find I’m missing the idea of actual food. At around 11am I am feeling on top of the world for doing this whole thing. I’ve only made it three hours and I’ve had two juices. By 6pm, I have one juice left to go and I’m shouting down the phone at Mr. FFG like he is public enemy number one. He suggested meeting for a drink at the local pub and I burst into tears screaming, “you have no compassion whatsoever. Don’t you realize what I”m doing here – a juice cleanse damn it.” Poor guy!

I went to bed with a headache and had emailed the PR for the cleanse saying I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. She, unlike the poor clueless man in my life, emailed back encouraging me to push through and offered suggestions on how to make it through the rest of the 48 hours ahead.

The tip that I took on board immediately was to run a hot bath. I took my final juice into the tub and sat and soaked for about an hour. Everything just drifted away, including my dreams of biting into a beefy burger. I finished my last juice, drained the tub and crawled into bed. I slept like a baby.

The next morning I woke straight away after a solid eight hours of sleep. I jumped out of bed, not really understanding why I had so much energy, and made me way into the kitchen to throw on some coffee. Then it hit me I was still cleansing. I walked to the fridge, pulled out the first juice and went about my morning routine as usual. However, I, honest to god, had more energy than I’ve ever in my life had at 7am. I was, after just 24 hours, a new person. I believe this is because I truly needed to take a step away from food and my body was cheering from top to toe at finally having undertaken this activity. Who knows? Maybe it was all my imagination. But I felt fine, people, mighty fine.

Throughout the second day I found I was not once hungry, tired nor sickly feeling. I was, however, still an evil bitch. Just ask Mr. FFG. Honestly, the stuff this poor man puts up with. I kept my distance, however, and really concentrated on keeping myself clean. Actually, this could be taken quite literally as I was in and out of the bathtub three times that day. I found the best thing for me was relaxing in a bath or taking a small nap. The name of the game was relaxation. The cleanse was giving my internal organs a rest, so I thought I’d give the rest of my body a bit of a vacation as well.

By the end of day three, I totally began to understand why people swear by these cleanses. I finished my last Radiance cleanse juice at 7:30 in the evening and felt as if I had truly accomplished something. If anything, I had proven to myself that I actually do have willpower. Imagine that?

The next morning I got up and stepped on the scale and discovered I had lost five pounds over the three days; the whites of my eyes were so white I looked like a Disney character; my skin was clear and bump free; I felt light as a bird; and my whole head felt clear. I almost hated the idea of going back to normal food. I wanted to change my habits for good. Then someone handed me a Starbucks as I walked into a conference room at 9am. So much for easing back into things.

Thanks you, Radiance Cleanse, for giving me the opportunity to trial such an incredibly cathartic experience.

Radiance Cleanses start at £215 for a three day cleanse.  

FFG trialled the Radiance Signature Cleanse.


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