Arm Candy Update: Whistles & Bango, Henri Bendel and Tiffany & Co.

I’m trying to keep the arm candy fresh this year and change up regularly. I do feel bad as I promised I’d keep you guys regularly updated as things change. So much for me living up to my end of the bargain. But here I am with the spring summer update. 

At the moment, I feel like I’m working with a lot of bling bling in my life. There are pieces that mean something special to me and there are others I just really love the look and feel of. All in, there’s a lot of metal I’m piling on these days and here’s a breakdown of what’s happening.

1. I was introduced to a new brand last week called Whistles & Bango. This is a bangle company that specialises in London luxury post code bangles. And I’m not kidding about the luxury part. They only feature post codes of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in London. I’m sporting the SW3 pink party in this picture. It’s Kensington and Chelsea, don’t you know, darling. There are plenty of other post codes available to purchase and I love the personal feel of the item. And they are just broad enough not to give away exact home locations to possible suitors found in bars around town. 

2. This is a Henri Bendel bracelet combo given to me by a good friend in NYC. I have more to say about these beauties, as far as a story goes, but for right now we’ll just leave it at the two of them being beautiful new blings for the arm. 

3. And finally we have old trusty there from Tiffany & Co. This is a piece from the Atlas Collection that hasn’t left my wrist in nearly a year. I am head over heels in love and I’m pretty sure I will be forever. 

So there you have it. That’s the arm candy situation as it currently sits. What are you sporting? Or do you think I’m missing anything I should look into? Help me with the next arm candy scenario! 


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