Where to Stay in Beverly Hills: Starstruck at The Beverly Hilton

In all honesty, I’m not sure how one starts writing about The Beverly Hilton. Of course we all know this to be the place where the Golden Globes take place every year.  That in itself is a pretty amazing “hotel name dropping” moment. We actually got a chance to go in and see the room as they were dismantling from the awards ceremony. It’s such an amazingly intimate space that definitely has a magic about it that is unparalleled. Alright, maybe there is another space that is on par – a room at the Beverly Hilton.

I checked into a room on the sixth floor and found heaven as I opened my door to my Beverly Hilton room. In front of me the curtains were drawn and an outstanding view of Beverly Hills was all I could see. It was a moment I had to write down on paper. Between the view forward of Beverly Hills, and the view downwards of the perfect pool, I felt I had entered a parallel universe. 

There is nothing flashy or over the top about The Beverly Hilton. The rooms are understated and simple, yet comfortable and felt very much like a slice of luxurious home. Each room has exactly what you need, nothing more nothing less, and it all works perfectly. Now, what does exceed expectations is customer service. Every member of staff was so friendly and worked so hard to accommodate every possible need you could have. It’s easy to understand why celebrities love to call this hotel home when in Beverly Hills (including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). 

Our first moments in the hotel actually took place in the restaurant by the pool at The Beverly Hilton. The whole experience felt like a moment from a book. Sipping Diet Cokes, eating delicious cuisine prepared specially for the occasion and talking about the history of the hotel made this a memorable start to a stay that is hard to believe ever happened. Oh how I miss you, Beverly Hilton.

The Beverly Hilton

9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

+1 310-274-7777


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