Where to find workout clothes in tall sizes?

This here’s a shout out to all the tall ladies out there trying to look stylish in the gym or out and about on daily activities. Those of us with long legs are all too familiar with the look of ankle dwellers – ie. trousers that are meant to fall to floor but swing around your ankles instead. Nothing is less flattering or more frustrating. 

While in the USA last month, I had a friend give me an excellent piece of advice for women looking to score some great tall workout clothes. The answer was found at The Grove in Los Angeles at a store called Athleta. I later came to find out that it’s a huge online retailer, affiliated with the Gap group. For years I’ve been spending more than I care to admit at Lululemon for workout pants that are long enough for these legs. While they have stood the test of time and proved to be a fantastic fit, no matter my weight fluctuations, I will go broke if I continue to spend at the rate I was going just to be able to wear long enough workout trousers.

So, enter Athleta. I went a little crazy in store. They had a full selection of tall sizes and my excitement was registered by just about every female in the dressing room as I tried on pant after pant that fit like a glove. The end result was me having to buy another duffle bag to get it all home with me again. For the price of two Lululemon Groove pants, I bought five pairs of trousers, in tall, from Athleta. Even now as I write, I’m wearing the Powerluxe Revelation Tight and feeling mighty pleased with myself. Of course, I had to share with you guys as this is truly a tip I wished I had received ages ago. Well, better late than never.

Above, you’ll find a few of our favourite styles, all available to buy on Athleta now. They even have some great skiing attire if you’re in the market. Definitely worth a look, whether you are 5’1 or 6’1. {Athleta Tall Sizes}


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