Top ten things we learned about Sarah Jessica Parker on the Wendy Williams show

Here are the top ten things we learned about Sarah Jessica Parker on the Wendy Williams show this morning (in case you don’t have time to watch the Youtube clips below):

1. SJP was never allowed to watch TV as a kid. Funny she’s one of the most popular women to come out of television. Now, she loves it, folks. 

2. Sarah Jessica Parker has never seen Sex & The City on television. Honestly? It’s hard to even turn on a TV without finding an episode on the air. 

3. SJP’s signature on her new shoe collection is a grosgrain running up the back of the shoe. Forget red soles, ladies, it’s all about the ribbon detail.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker really puts the whole paparazzi issue into focus. She says there are worse situations you could be in. So true. About time someone said it. 

5. Who knew that Sarah Jessica Parker adores going to the grocery store. We would have thought Bergdorf’s would have been her favourite. What a pleasant and grounding surprise.

6. There are no plans for a Sex & The City 3 movie. Can’t say we’re bummed about this. Leave a good thing alone.

7. Ok wait a second, she said there wouldn’t be and then she said if there were to be one she knows what the plot would be. Now we’re confused.

8. SJP’s shoe collection is all about revisiting the single sole. Amen, honey!

9. Her shoe collection was so long in the making because she’s been searching high and low for the right partner. Looks like it was finally a match made in heaven. Gorgeous shoes! 

10. Ladies with bigger feet, throw your hands in the air now, as the SJP collection comes in up to a size 11! Oh yeah! 

Watch the full interview here and the debut of her collection on Wendy’s show-


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