The new “it bag,” or I.T. bag, from Aspinal of London

Looking for the next “it bag?” How about the next “it bag” that’s beautiful and functional? Seems like the two never go together, right? Well, Aspinal of London have taken on the task of creating a bag we all want to carry and actually need to carry. The Marylebone Tech tote is, above all things, massive. It’s big enough to carry just about everything you’d ever need on a day out. Let’s just put it this way – it took me through London Fashion Week from start to finish and fit absolutely everything including computer, iPad, umbrella, iPhone, wallet, makeup bag, heels, flats and a cashmere wrap. Oh, and there was still room to spare. This big beautiful leather tote is spacious and spectacular. Even Mr. FFG lifted it and said, “now this is a bag that is actually worth the purchase price… just smell that leather.”

Now, here’s where things get cool. What’s the biggest gripe we all have with technology these days, specifically iPhones? Battery life is a bummer, right? Aspinal of London have solved that problem with their Marylebone Tech Tote and here’s how. The design team created two special compartments in the bag, one for your tablet and one for your phone. Each have a special hole in the compartments to accommodate a lead, which goes back to a battery charger hidden in the bag’s side. It weighs next to nothing but will give your phone or tablet a couple of full charges. THIS was my saving grace during fashion week. I just charged up the tech support every night and was secretly charging my iPhone and iPad in my bag as I moved about London Fashion Week. So while folks were complimenting me on the big beautiful bag, I was smiling on the inside knowing this little gem had a big helpful secret hidden inside. Oh, and I wasn’t the only one seen with this beauty. I counted at least half a dozen fashion “bigs” sitting FROW with their bag in tow. 

{Aspinal of London Marylebone Tech Tote


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