Rubbish at shopping and styling? StyleHaus may be able to assist you on your fashionable journey through life

Shopping in Los Angeles is a true pleasure. There’s nothing more fun than rummaging on Melrose,  running down Rodeo, exploring the many malls that have been built up in and around the city or taking in the Grove by Trolley. If you are a seasoned shopper, this may just be paradise. What is hard to remember, however, is that not every woman loves shopping. Hard to believe but it is true. Some women can’t stand the thought. The idea of having to outfit a vacation, a black tie dinner or a business trip away involves not one, but numerous panic attacks. 

While this idea of a shopping fear has never really come to mind here, it was presented front and centre after meeting the girls at stylehaus, while we were visiting The Grove in Los Angeles. Founded by Marina Monroe and Lion Shirdan in 2011, stylehaus is a membership based “style experience.” They are more or less ladies who handle any style crisis under the sun, while also managing your everyday ensembles. 

The stylehaus girls will not only sort you out in a red carpet emergency, they’ll also come to your house regularly and sort out your closet so you’re set to handle any style dilemma that may occur throughout life while you’re on your own. Saying that, they’re also on call 24/7 with a concierge support unit. What does that mean exactly? Well, we asked the same question and they gave the perfect example. Let’s say you’re at a party and you spill red wine all over your white dress. Well, if you are a stylehaus member, you can pick up the phone, call the concierge and wait for a replacement dress to be delivered to you in the nearest restroom. Oh yeah, this really happens and stylehaus are now called fashion guardian angels throughout Los Angeles. 

These girls take in every detail of your life and help you match your closet to your everyday needs and special occasion wants. Now I know what you’re thinking. You are sitting there picturing a five  or six figure contract deal with stylehaus. Think again people as this service is less than a Fendi handbag.  It’s only $1,000 a year. We’re pretty much obsessed and are thinking such a fabulous service needs to make it’s way from Los Angeles to London, ASAP. 

Oh, and just a little note. When asked who these guys work with, they dropped some pretty mega names including the Kardashians and Paris Hilton. Well, these were the names they were allowed to drop anyway. 



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