Pharrell Williams’ Westwood hat is on sale on eBay with bids up to $12,500

Pharrell Williams Hat

Remember “that hat” Pharrell Williams wore to the Grammys last month? The Vivienne Westwood hat was the number one topic of discussion from the red carpet on the big night. Lady Gaga could have turned up butt naked and all anyone would still be talking about was the giant hat on Pharrell Williams’ head. 

Pharrell has taken his hat moment and run with it. We’ve seen him out and about a few times now sporting the statement piece. However, seems Pharrell is willing to part with his famed accessory for a good cause. Pharrell Williams’ Vivienne Westwood hat is currently on sale on eBay and bids have reached a chunky $12,500, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity… Kim Kardashian take note – 100%! There’s still nearly a week left to go on the auction and we’re estimating this piece will see a $20k+ price tag. 


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