Mercedes-Benz gave me a knight in shining armour and a white horse for fashion week this season

Fashion Week is stressful enough in London without having to worry
about how the heck you are going to get from show to show. With one show
happening in Brick Lane and the next happening in St James just half an hour
later, the commute can be challenging at best. By the time the week is over,
you feel as if you’ve run three marathons. For most, this marathon is
done in heels. Now youre starting to get the idea.

I am ridiculously spoiled during fashion week as I work with
Mercedes-Benz to get from show to show. This is my second season with Mercedes-Benz
and it seems as if these guys have a bit of a sense of humour. Last season I
called Mercedes my knight in shining armour on a white horse, riding in to save
me from the mania that is fashion week. Well, take a guess at what colour my
Mercedes was this season – white!It’s
all just too perfect.

This season I was lucky enough to have the same driver that I had in
September – Andy – who is truly a Godsend. Andy seems to know what’s going to
happen in London before the city itself even knows. No matter how bad the traffic, we
didn’t miss one show this season. Weaving in and out of lanes, down
backstreets I didn’t even know existed and through secret tunnels here and
there, I felt like I was being ferried around by James Bond himself.

As often as I could, I made sure to throw girls in the car with me.
Besides being absolutely thrilled with a quick and dry ride (it rained cats and
dogs all week), the girls had the following to say about the ride-

“Whoa, two sunroofs, are you serious? Can we take this car out to
the country for stargazing?”
{How romantic}

“Aw man, you are watching ‘Devil Wears Prada,” – perfect for fashion
week. Let’s skip the show and just watch this.”

“This is Lux, do they sell this car for normal people?” – {Aww,
hello, yes!}

“It really takes you right to the BFC tent? Think I can get in on
this with you next season?”
{Yes, the LFW Mercedes-Benz cars are allowed right
into Somerset House. Loving the special access}

“Do you think Mercedes-Benz would let you keep Andy and the car for
all of 2014 and can we get a ride to work every morning?”
{A girl can dream,
but sadly Andy hasa life beyond driving
this lowly blogger around town all day. If Mercedes did want to do that,
though, I wouldn’t say no… just saying.}

In all seriousness, thank you so much Mercedes-Benz, again, for
making fashion week just that much easier for Fashion Foie Gras and all of our
guests this week. Fashion week would be another animal entirely if it weren’t
for the beautiful white horse and prince charming your supply each and every
season. Thank you for being such a wonderful supporter of the fashion community
every year.


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