London Fashion Week: Paul Smith Autumn Winter 2014

At the end of the Paul Smith show this evening, Sir Paul Smith walked the entire length of the catwalk to wave hello to friends, family and supporters. When he reached the exit, he waited and clapped as each one of his runway models walked past. When the last model approached to exit the runway, he simply ducked his head in praise and followed her out. When was the last time you saw a designer stand publicly and applaud his models in front of an entire room of people? There is a reason that Londoners call Paul Smith the nicest man in fashion and this is just a small slice of the reason why. 

For autumn winter 2014, Sir Paul Smith presented us with a collection featuring a rather androgynous female. While we started on jumpsuits and two piece suits that resembled sleepwear, all the while beautifully constructed, we swiftly moved onto a more structured set of suits that featured heavy wools and pinstripes. There seemed to be a delicate change somewhere in the middle between soft and hard, not only with lines, but also fabrics. Of course Sir Paul Smith is known for being a master of tailoring and he definitely showcased his talents on the catwalk today.

There was so much to love here, and even more to dream about as we lay our heads down after a long hard day of fashion shows. We’ll be dreaming of silk jumpsuits followed by pinstriped suits layered with fur gilets. Fashion at its best, people. {Paul Smith}


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