Grabbing Sushi in Los Angeles? This hole in the wall is a industry secret

posted on: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Los Angeles is crawling with sushi places. Seriously, you could eat in a different sushi restaurant every day of the year and still not cover them all. Those in the know, however, will tell you that there’s only one place to get great sushi in LA- Hide Sushi. Only they don’t like to share this secret too openly as once the secret’s out it makes it that much tougher for them to get a table. You see, Hide Sushi doesn’t take reservations. It is quite literally a hole in the wall in Los Angeles. When you come in, you have write your name on a wipe board and wait for a table to become free. Your name is called, you sit, place your order and wait as roll after roll is placed in front of you. The prices are so cheap you can afford to eat sushi like you would a pizza. Devour it! Only make sure you have enough cash in your pocket to support your large appetite. Hide sushi only takes cash.

I would make a recommendation on what to order, but there’s no point. There is truly no way you can go wrong here as it’s all fresh, tasty and addictive. Be careful, you might find yourself  scheduling in repeat visits. Get there early or you’ll be waiting for a while. But if you don’t mind rubbing shoulders with the power players who know Hide is the best place to grab sushi, not to worry.

2040 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025