FFG does laundry…

Last year I had the great privilege of attending a special weekend
in Milan all about laundry. I know, this all sounds so very random. That’s
exactly what I was thinking when I was invited. In fact, I actually thought to
myself- “laundry is the bane of my existence so why would I want to spend an
entire day talking about it?” I called my mom and mentioned the opportunity and
she nearly laughed me off the phone. Me and laundry, there’s not a good history

Over the years, I’ve more or less handed over the reins of my
laundry duties to professionals as I have ruined so many garments. Whether I’ve
mistakenly put a red sock in a white wash, managed to over wash black
garments or shrink a Celine sweater to beyond wearable, the disasters could
fill a shopping list. It ain’t pretty, people. So I said yes to going as I
figured I could learn a thing or two.

What I would encounter quite literally knocked my socks off. A
weekend with P&G changed my entire perception of laundry and actually got
me a little excited about the idea of going home and trying out a load.

Ok, so let’s start with the fact that there are 900 different laundry
load conditions. Don’t even ask. We went through a few, certainly not all 900,
and we were shown how truly difficult it is to be in the business of laundry
detergent these days. You basically need to have a product that can fight
everything from red wine to mud. And the guys at P&G showed off their years
of research in battling our stain dilemmas. They launched new Pods for Ariel in
the UK and Tide Pods in the USA. These little guys may not look like much more than
a beautiful piece of art- truly they are quite easy on the eye- but, in fact, they
are little capsules filled with millions of little dirt fighting soldiers that
are armed and ready to take on any situation you may throw at them. Not only
that, they have a special talent for giving life back to garments that have
been absolutely ruined by previous washes.

The Pods are perfectly put together to give you the power of a full
size detergent and then some and they are able to work their magic in water
that’s cold. That in itself is a huge step forward for your clothes and the
environment, people. The pods are actually put together in compartments so that
each element is released at the appropriate time to work its magic during the
cycle. The science behind this was lost on me. All I know is that it works. I
could sit here and spill science for hours, but neither you nor I will
understand what the heck I’m talking about.

Now, let’s fast forward a bit in time. I was siting at this
conference watching the miracle of the product. I saw clothes come back to life
after horrible washes. I saw red wine removed completely from white gloves and
I even experienced a full-on course on how the detergent is scented. For about
24 hours I got excited about laundry. I wanted to get home and throw a load in
the wash, I kid you not. My mother was nearly in tears when I shared this

So I returned home the next day and went to Tesco to pick up the
Ariel Pods (and told my mom in the USA to pick up the Tide Pods).I did my first load of laundry and actually
worked on my laptop by the washer. Looking back, I’m not quite sure why I did that. Maybe I
was scared my washer would explode with all this magical power inside, who
knows. When the ding on my washer sounded, I stepped forward, opened the door
and was met by the most heavenly scent – clean laundry, actual clean laundry.
I had put together a mixed wash and had put one Ariel Pod in with the dirty
clothes. There was even a magic marker stain that came out without being
specifically treated.

I know I’m not here to sell you guys detergent, but I am around to
council you on your clothes and it comes to mind that caring for your clothes
properly is just as important as buying them in the first place.

So next time you’re walking down an aisle and wondering what to buy
for an investment in your closet, make it an Ariel or Tide Pod purchase. I am
proud to say I’ve been doing my own laundry now since December and I’ve yet to
have an “incident.” Bless you, P&G, for taking me along on a such a trip
and dealing with me looking absolutely perplexed through most of it. Your
dedication to my battle with dirt has resulted in my cleanest closet yet.


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