Anya Hindmarch gives new life to cereal box characters and more

When the Anya Hindmarch invitiation arrived for London Fashion Week,
I fully anticipated the show would feature some sort of futuristicstyles. The invite was a rolling screen –
not even sure what you would call it exactly – that displayed my name and a sentence
inviting me to attend the show in London. The words “Counter Culture” were
written on the invite. What on earth could it all mean?

Upon arriving at the show, a little more was explained. The notes
warned us of “Python Cereal boxes.” Ooooooh, that kind of “counter.” Then the
runway began and we all watched as conveyor belts came to life on the runway.
Women appeared on the conveyor belts with shopping trolleys filled with bags
that resembled Kellogs’ Cereal boxes. All the familiar faces were there – the
Rooster from Corn Flakes and Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes. Who would have
ever thought the two would make a special appearance in the Anya Hindmarch
show?But there they were, staring back
at us from the silver grocery cart being pushed by a glamazon who would most
certainly make a grocery aisle look like a runway opportunity, or vice versa in
this case.

The fun didn’t stop with cereal boxes, however. Laundry detergent
boxes, crisp packets and digestive packages all got a shout out from Anya
Hindmarch in the most decadent fashion. This was truly one of the best shows at
London Fashion Week, not only because of the creative product, but also the
fantastic way in which is was presented.

Speaking of presentation, you have to see the way in which Anya
Hindmarch finished the show…


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