Announcing The Robot & Goose Show with Mademoiselle Robot and FFG

I’m very excited to announce a new project today that I’m jumping into with a dear friend, Mademoiselle Robot. Over the past few years we’ve enjoyed countless lunches together in which we usually loose hours talking about new products, brands and books that we know and love. Basically our dining episodes were becoming opportunities to secret swap. So, the last time we met an idea was born to, more or less, share our lunch experiences with the world. And so The Robot & Goose show was born – taking its name from our blog names of course. 

We met for the first time earlier this week to give our little idea a go and we had more fun filming than I could possibly put into words, so I won’t even try. I’ll just say this – we love this concept and truly hope you do too! This is something that will undoubtedly evolve over time, and for now we are naturally a little nervous about putting ourselves out into the digital world in a new format, but we’re giving it a go. 

So please watch, enjoy, give feedback, be honest and join me in welcoming an exciting new medium to FFG on a regular basis… video! 

Items featured include the 

Nina Ricci Parfume & Candle (

Smythson Panama Diara (

Las Vegas Scarf (

Nike Fuelband (

Sophia Webster Ida Heels (


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