Amex Insiders are fashion fairy Godmothers, and ummm Godfathers

posted on: Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Anywhere you looked at Somerset House, you were bound to see stylishly dressed individuals, but there were a certain set that seemed meticulously groomed and all shared the same uniform-  a dashing cape from Christopher Raeburn. I’ve already introduced you to the Amex Insiders and told you they were out there to help you through the difficult times at fashion week – the times you forgot tickets, didn’t know where shows were, needed sustenance or simply needed an umbrella to get from point a to point b.

The Amex Insiders certainly came to my rescue mid-way through the week. On day three, I had literally not eaten since the morning before and had just finished pulling an all nighter to get all my coverage up on FFG on time. The things I do for you guys, honestly. Kidding, kidding, you know I love it.

Anyway, the insiders felt my pain. Ok, they didn’t feel it – I told them. They got to work and had a reservation for me around the corner at the Delauney between two shows. A place notoriously difficult for getting a reservation for breakfast, this seemed easier for them than it is for most to pick up an egg McMuffin. The restaurant even knew I was on a time schedule and said they would do what they could to expedite things. To top it all off, the Amex Insiders had snuck in and had a blue rose delivered to the table. Cheeky little monkeys! I was in and out in 35 minutes and ready to hit the next show with a full tummy and lots of caffeine working overtime.

This was certainly not the only time I used the Amex Insiders over the course of the week. Day two, I was using them continuously to get around Somerset house as I had, rather stupidly, left my umbrella at home. Had it not been for the Amex Insiders, I would have looked like a drowned rat by 9:30am. Not a good look, especially as my Hershesons hair peeps had been working so hard on wicked hair styles all week. Day three I arrive on the scene to meet someone in the London Fashion Week exhibitions. I had no clue where I was going and looked it. An Amex Insider stopped me and asked if I needed directions. I told her the designer I was looking for and she said it was a little complicated to get there so offered to take me there personally. Score. I was five minutes early to the meeting.

Bottom line, American Express have provided yet another service to London Fashion Week that is truly invaluable. If you use these guys correctly, the Amex Insiders can truly make your life a heck of a lot easier when all is said and done. 

We’re thinking next season we may push them to the limits and see just how far they’re willing to go to provide. What do you think? What would you ask?