American Airlines compares Gregory Peck with Neil Patrick Harris, Grace Kelly with Julianna Marguiles

American Airlines have created some rather spectacular new advertisements to promote the launch of their new fleet of airplanes for their transatlantic service. Celebrating sixty years of service in ferrying passengers back and forth above the deep blue sea, American have used legends of the past and brought them together with modern day celebrities in their 2014 ad campaign.

In the first ad, we see Gregory Peck standing confident in all his beauty in 1953. Honestly, ladies, you can’t argue with this handsome man. Then, we skip forward to 2014 and an equally dashing young man stands before us ready to travel. That man is of course the one, the only, Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother fame. Oh, he was also Doogie Howser

For the second image, we are presented with the flawless Grace Kelly, who is mirrored in modern day by Julianna Marguiles. 

Both ads are truly striking and do call to our attention the idea of fashion and flight. Long ago, taking flight meant dressing up for the occasion. These days you’re lucky if you find an individual wearing anything other than Lululemon or Juicy Couture track pants. 

American Airlines, we’ll make a deal with you. You make flying as glamorous as it was back in the 1950s and we’ll work at bringing back the glam squad for flying. Good Luck. {Ads of the World}


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