Your kids can now dress like Kardashians

You can dress yourself in Kardashian clothing, dress your house in Kardashian homewares and even smell like a Kardashian, if you so fancy it. And now, folks, you can also dress your baby in Kardashian Klothing. Oh yes, Kardashian Kids is coming. Would you look at that, they didn’t even have to change the “K” there. We’re pretty sure the idea of “Kardashian Children” as a name for the brand was swiftly thrown out considering that pesky “C” got in the way. Anyway, they’ve got an instagram account, a twitter account, and the Kardashian girls are all shouting loud and proud about their latest venture. It should come as no surprise that this is happening as all of the ladies have mentioned in magazines, on television shows and to various media outlets that Kardashian Kids was on the way, and we all know these ladies do what they say. {instagram}


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