The Bikini Bridge Hoax: The Full Story

Ok, we all know 2013 was the year that celebrities decided tweeting pictures of themselves in Bikinis was like “the cool thing to do.” Name any female celebs on twitter and chances are 9 out of 10 of them have shared a bikini shot, one that’s taken glancing down from the breasts at stomach and legs tanning in the sun. For those paying close attention, you will have noticed something called the Bikini Bridge – something that’s actually been a term for a while now. The Bikini Bridge is the clear space between one’s jutting hip bones, the bikini and stomach area. The Bikini Bridge is achieved, usually, only by people thin enough to produce said space between stomach and hip bone. We hope this accurately explains the Bikini Bridge.

Now, here’s where the Bikini Bridge became a “thing.” On the 5th of January, 2014, internet trolls created a campaign encouraging 4Chan users to spread the word socially on the #bikinibridge. Their goal was to get people talking about this new hit craze to achieve a #bikinibridge, get it trending and then use the trend to draw attention to our society’s sick obsession with weight. Today, the 8th of January, one thing is clear… they succeeded in making this is a viral obsession and at warp speed. The internet went gaga for the hashtag. People were creating pictures, some false and some real, to share on their social networks. People in on the hoax were using open platforms such as CNN and Buzzfeed to create stories around the new obsession and all of the sudden we had news stories popping up around the world about the latest thinspiration – the Bikini Bridge.  Even the Daily Mail wrote a story covering the new phenomenon. When it reaches the column of shame, you know this bad boy has gone viral.

Reports of The Bikini Bridge being the new “inner thigh gap,” swiftly started making the rounds. It was hard to tell who was in on the hoax and who was jumping on the bandwagon, proud to display their big ole bikini bridge. 

So what’s the outcome? While the whole idea took off, we’re not sure there’s a clear winner here. A trend was created to send a message, yet the message seems to be more about how awesome the Bikini Bridge is at this point, rather than the idea that the Bikini Bridge is a bad thing. 

What we’re delivering here is a message that the Bikini Bridge is just exactly what it is, a gap in your bikini. What you make of it is your business. But what the internet makes of it is something that was solely created as a viral test it seems. So ignore the hoopla or laugh it off and move on. If you have one, great, if you don’t who really cares? We’re Bikini Bridge neutral. 

Want to know more about the hoax? Check out this Buzzfeed Bikini Bridge Breakdown.


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