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Five Five Fabulous Kanj sisters

Last year I began a series called “Style Blogger to Follow Now.” There are so many style bloggers out there and so much noise online that I thought it was time to highlight some newbies already making waves or well on their way. In starting up this feature, my initial intention was to focus on the newbies. However, I got to thinking over the holidays and decided that some of our favourite and well established girls deserved love too. Take Five Five Fabulous for example. These girls have been featured everywhere from Louis Vuitton to Hello! Magazine. And you know what, we wanted to give them a shout on on FFG too. So from this point forward, we’re not discriminating. Newbies, boomers and more are all being featured in the weekly “Style Blog to Follow Now”.

And since we’ve just mentioned Five Five Fabulous, let’s kick right in shall we. 

FFG and Five Five Fabulous started around the same time four years ago. I remember meeting Reem Kanj, the founder, at a press day very early on in the days of blogging. Once you get over how absolutely gorgeous this girl is, you realise she also has a heart of gold and is one of the hardest working bloggers out there. The blog, Five Five Fabulous, has since become a sisterly adventure and is split between Dubai and London. Natalya Kanj, the other half of Five Five Fabulous, is equally beautiful and stylish. Seriously, some families have all the luck. 

Reem and Natalya run a tight ship over on Five Five Fabulous. They feature outstanding photographs of superb style, they cook (with recipes that have caused me personally to put on more weight this year than I care to admit to) and they experience life to the fullest, all the while sharing each and every detail with their readers. A word of warning: There are times you may feel entirely inadequate reading this blog as they seem to be able to do it all.

So here’s to you, Five Five Fabulous, a blog to be followed and one to watch. Big things are in store (as if you haven’t done that already…). We’re waiting for you to announce global domination. 

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