Ralph Lauren's Pre-Fall Collection is the most elegant collection of pieces we have seen in years

posted on: Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ralph Lauren is of course known for his outstanding ability to create casual elegance in the most effortless way. His looks speak to a woman who is confident yet relaxed about her day to day ensembles and, after seeing Pre-Fall 2014, we can safely say we have never seen a better representation of this talent. 

The Pre-Fall show, held in the Ralph Lauren Mansion in New York, was an intimate showcasing of ` a small, yet perfectly put together, collection. There was not a colour to be found throughout the runway, merely a mix of greys and nudes with fur and soft metallic accents. This is the Ralph Lauren we know and love. This is a collection of true beauty and timeless elegance. Bring on Pre-Fall, we're ready with credit cards in hand.

{Images: Style.com}