Prada featured on The Price is Right?

I can remember watching The Price is Right on sick days. I’d be home from school and there would be nothing else on TV, so I’d tune in and try my hand at pricing items correctly. It wasn’t a privilege I had often, but when it happened, and I had a chance to watch and play, I was more or less always on the money.

Now it seems that my role as a fashion blogger would definitely come in handy on current episodes. She Finds brought this fantastic clip to our attention featuring Prada on The Price is Right. Yes, Prada… on… the… Price is Right. Just as I write the words, I can’t believe it actually happened. 

Not only did Prada appear on the hit game show, their prices also totally stumped contestants. Good thing The Price is Right rule is you’re over, you’re out. Check out the full video below…


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