Postcards from LA: From West Hollywood to Venice Beach

If you follow FFG on Instagram, you’ll see it’s been a pretty busy weekend. For the past 72 hours, we’ve been reporting from Los Angeles and to say this is heaven on earth would be an understatement. In fact, I’m frantically trying to figure out how we can have two offices, one in Los Angeles and one in London, by the end of 2014. Watch this space.

Anywho, the past four days have been absolutely incredible. The LA Tourist Board has been working hard to make sure we see just about everything and I do believe we’ve managed to squeeze in more “LA” in 72 hours than I’ve seen in the three years when I used to visit regularly. It’s incredible how it has all changed. Downtown LA has officially become the new happening place. Places like the new ACE Hotel are grabbing people’s attention. Big fashion brands are popping up in new spaces and restaurants from some of the world’s most respected chefs are finding homes in the most unexpected places. This is a new world. 

Over the next few weeks, I want to make sure and bring you as much information about Los Angeles as possible so we’ve decided to make the month of February a tribute month of sorts. I’m here for a bit longer checking out every nook and cranny to making sure I don’t miss a thing. Then from February 1st, we’ll have a daily feature for those interest in Los Angeles. For those who are not, we’re willing to bet money that you’ll be in love with this incredible place by the time we’re done. 

For now, let me just suggest you join us on this incredible journey through Instagram. It’s all just a live sneak peak at things to come. 


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